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Our story begins in the fall of 2002 when an old motel that once temporarily housed VSC salesmen for the store in town became a quilt shop.

The main part of our shop consists of what use to be three motel rooms.  We took an additional two rooms off to the side to create what use to be our classroom area, now turned work room area.  We of course used their storage room  And that room, well even we are nervous to travel in there...'cuz we store a lot :-)


Pastthyme Patterns

When you walk into our shop doors, you essentially meet us via the designs on our walls.  All of the samples you find hanging in our shop  have been dreamed about, designed, sewn, quilted and written in our shop!

We are proud to offer an array of patterns that range from wool table mats to larger bed size quilts.  The majority of our cotton quilts are designed and created pre-cuts, causing the projects to be quick to sew, easy to finish, and reasonably inexpensive to play with!

We specialized in wool upon opening back in 2002 and are still going strong.  We have beautiful wools on the bolt by MarcusFabrics, Moda and wonderful hand-dyed wools by Weeks Dye Works.  We also carry National Nonwoven woolfelt bolts. We offer a large array of patterns, mostly for smaller table/wall projects and are adoring the addition of crazy quilting in the works.  Of course, for us, no wool project would be complete without use of Valdani hand-dyed thread!


We feel very blessed to have had projects featured in some well known magazines. 

Dig out your previous issues to find our

"Crazy Little Called Love" wool mat (Fall 2013- Primitive Quilts)

"Mi Amour"
wool mat (Spring 2015- Primitive Quilts)

"Cherry Street" lap quilt (March/April 2015- Quickly Quilting by Fons & Porter)

Watch for "Pastthyme Pattern" designs to grace the pages of
Summer 2015--American Patchwork & Quilting
Winter 2015--Primitive Quilts

You may have also seen "Elmer" our Storm Watcher project that is in the Keepsake Quilting magazine (Fall/Winter 2014) and Pumpkin Pie (Fall/Winter 2013)

We often wonder just what we did to deserve such success and have all of you to thank.  Never in a million years would we have guessed that design would be the avenue our shop would take. . .but it's a ride we enjoy and are truly humbled to have such wonderful people to cheer us along on our ride.


While we are not open the six days a week like we had been for the first eleven years of our shop existance we do invite groups and/or bus groups to give us a call and schedule a time.  We admit we aren't very big but we are more than happy to do lunch, put on the coffee and try to help you have a grand 'ol time.

We carry. . .moda fabric, a large variety of charm packs and candy packs, MarcusFabric suede and primo plaid flannels, MarcusFabrics wool, Moda wool, National Nonwovens woolfelt, Weeks Dye Works wool, Valdani Thread and of course our very own Pastthyme Patterns!


Enter as Strangers. . .Leave as Friends

A sign that greeted all those who entered our shop when we first opened and a slogan that we took to heart.

In light of that, it might be fun for you to learn a bit more about us "Pastthyme Gals" that are in the shop or who you talk to on the phone!

Darci ("mom" and owner) grew up along the Minnesota River on a dairy farm.  The farming way of life never left my veins and is evident in some of the things that you see me create.  I love working with wool and if you ask my family, you'll find I usually have a needle in my hand and a workbag or two (or three) in my presence.  I love working with pre-cuts, particularily charm packs and anything that entails Kansas Troubles fabric!  I also have had a Blast working with the Primo plaids and suede flannels that Marcus has created!  In my spare time (what is that again?!) I enjoy watching movies, baking, decorating my house, going back home along the river and stitching!!

Lacey ("the daughter") also grew up with country roots.  I never thought design would be my thing, but have surprised myself and my mom with some of the things I have done.  I love working with pre-cuts, jelly rolls/candy packs/charm packs I like them all!!  I don't seem to have that infamous 'box' we all talk about. I really like BasicGrey and Sweetwater by moda fabric but dabble in whatever so long as it's pleasing to my eye.  I also seem to be our hexagon queen.  I love hexies!! I find now that sewing on the weekends is precious and something I don't get to do often enough in trying to finish up PTA school.  In my spare time you can find me sitting at a local dirt race track, fishing, cooking...or sewing.


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