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Merry Christmas | Dec 24th 2017

Emmanuel...God is with us. What a powerful thought. As I look back over this past year the thought of this was so very evident. Christmas is different this year. Although I don't feel "Christmas" like i did when i was a kid, I do feel Christmas with a heart full of gratitude and stillness. Stillness and contentment is hard to find these days but I have felt it these past few weeks unlike before. I learned this past year that all the things that I was so busy with really don't matter. It is the people that we meet on our journey in life that matter not the dozens of cookies baked on the counter. It is watching a sunrise in the morning on my way to work which confirms another day has dawned and God is with us. It is the sunset in my rearview mirror as I drive home that peace can be found at the end of a hectic with what we accomplished for the day. The darkness which assures us that it is time to take in some rest. This little baby born centuries ago is the assurance that we are never alone in our life. With whatever happens along the way, God is always with us. May you find comfort and joy in this knowledge this Christmas. Please feel free to download the pattern for our "Humble Beginnings" shown below. Merry Christmas!!