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Persistence | Mar 11th 2018


It has only taken us about four weeks to sit down and finish this blog post.

The power of persistence. . .finally prevails.

Over the course of the past year, we have learned the importance of celebrating the little things.

It's been just over a year ago since our "wild" year started on the day the "handyman's" shop burnt. Tickets were purchased back in November for a hockey game. . .that just so happened to mark the one-year date of that event. This wasn't planned and come that night, it seemed evident that God's plan was for us to all be together and to have fun that night. Plus. . the Wild were on fire! 8 goals meant 40 cents off gas the next day! Score.

February also brought the excitement and celebration of two quilt patterns.


We were seeing stars light up the sky come the start of February. This quilt pattern can be found in the March/April edition of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine.

This lap size quilt features "Authentic, Etc." by Sweetwater of moda. Those of you who like Sweetwater fabric know that their very first fabric grouping was called Authentic. This line made it's debut before we realized we liked their stuff. Lacey held onto the dream someday she'd own some of it, and the excitement she experienced on the day she seen this new group was like none other. Shortly after our box arrived this beauty was born.

Two weeks later. . .

Cherry Street.

Spring-thyme flowers bloomed on the pages of Fons & Porter's Quilting Quickly pages two weeks later. This quilt pattern is also in their March/April magazine that is currently on newsstands.

For those of you faithful followers, this pattern was our very first published piece with the Fons & Porter gals. Our original was done with aqua, brown, cream and black.

This project shows combines both batiks and cotton that happens to have metallic in it. Very different mix for us gals, but we love the outcome.

We want to give a special thank you to Audrey Borning who did the beautiful quilting on this project. "Thank you dear friend!"

We decided after all of this excitement we needed to kick it in high gear and create in our "one butt" sewing room in an effort to come up with some new projects to show off at the quilt shows we have coming up both this month and next.

(Take a minor detour with us for a moment)

We went and seen the 2Cellos when they were in the cities back in January.

Back in October we vended a quilt show in Plymouth. Those who joined us (and it wasn't many) would have heard this lovely music in our booth. Those of you who did indeed see us at the great quilt shows in South Dakota (Watertown & Sioux Falls) heard this as well, and may have seen one of us "boogieing" on her stool.

We decided back in Plymouth that if these 2Cellos ever made a trip to the USA and happened to stop in the cities were were going. No if's and's or but's about it.

And they did!

We were part of the sell-out crowd at the newly renovated Target Center and the concert did NOT disappoint. As a matter of fact, we plan to attend the next time they come our way, and plan to take the men in the family with us. (Yes, even they were not only impressed but also rocked out cellos)

We of course had a great laugh before we made the venue. Those who travel with us on our bus trips know they are an adventure, and no matter where we go this holds true. We were two country mice in the big city and we were out of our league. We missed the parking lot we planned to use, and thought driving around the block was no biggie.

But it was!

We wound up at a light that cycled, and cycled and cycled and we were not able to cross. There were busses, and people both homeless and workers, and bouncers across the street by strip clubs and the light rail. It was truly sensory overload for us country mice. Traffic may have backed up a bit because we were too scared to goose it.

Eventually Lacey convinced Darci that she'd pay for the ticket to run the red light.

And ya know what. . .she was one very proud daughter as her mom did just that. No flashing lights came.

We proceeded to the parking ramp we should have went to all along, where we not knowing any different got honked at for stopping too soon. Thankfully the honking man yelled at us for where to get our ticket. After carefully watching people we chose a group that we were sure was headed to the concert as well as we had no idea how to navigate the sky system.

Back to the music. . they are phenomenal!! We highly recommend checking them out.

As we sew in our "one butt" sewing room, we tune into them.

We will share this first one with you, please imagine us sewing away to this song.

By the way, we sew fast, and barefoot.

With that peppy song in mind, we invite you to see a few of our newest projects. We plan to share more before the New Ulm show in a couple of weeks.

"Magnolia Blossoms"

This project shows off English Paper Piecing and features three different hexagon sizes all of which work perfectly with a mini charm pack. This one shows off some timeless Kansas Troubles fabric. The embroidery in the center just seems to make this project.

"Abigail Lane"

Lots of cold days and evenings spent watching hockey leads to an assortment of hexagon projects. This features one-inch hexagons and Bonnie & Camille's "The Good Life" fabric along with some dainty embroidery in the centers. The name comes from the black lab who warmed my feet while it was being sewn.

Inspiration Peak

Lovely garden trails out of Hazel & Plum by Fig Tree makes for a lovely embroidered garden pathway. Taking a more unique twist on shape, this oval is completed with two different sized hexagons and remains mini charm friendly.

Meadows of Thyme

We love Biscuits and Gravy (by BasicGrey) and the food. This charm friendly project shows some irregular edges and applique and is just fun for the transition from winter into spring.


Continue to persevere in your creative projects and we will in ours!

Until next time,

(enjoy one more of our favorites)