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Shades of the Past Quilt Shop


Book of Life | Jul 12th 2018

As I pulled up the blog this afternoon, I thought about all the "filler" of my time that has happened since the last blog post way back in March. Even tho the blog entries are barren, our life certainly has not been!! We have been busy with a quilt shows, bus trips, and lastly packing up our shop. As Joe took down the sign "Enter as strangers, leave as friends" the tears began to come. SO many memories within those walls, too many quilts created to count, space that my kids grew up in, many life problems solved with laughter and sometimes tears around the old table, a little dog hair in the cracks of the floor, and countless friends made for life. There are several chapters of my life in the 16 years I spent in that buildin. What started out as a small wish or dream has taken me to a place I would have never imagined. However, it is time to close the door on that building now and create a brand new work space right at home where I can walk to work each day. I am looking forward to the peace and solitude of country life that I knew as a child. It is almost as if it is coming full circle. I had to take a photos of the building when I left Sunday afternoon. It is hard to believe we were able to get it packed up and that the building is ready for its next purpose. It would make a great lake cabin!!

So, today is the first day I have had a chance to sit down in the make shift sewing area of our dining room. Here is a sneak peek of my latest fall wall hanging.

It is just fused in place at this time so the next time I share it - he will have come to life and have his personality!! - he looks much better in person - the picture doesn't do justice to the color at all!! The fabric is Homespun Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings. I used a charm pack for the scrappy background and will also have a fall table topper from the remaining pieces to share as well. Time to get to work on that now!! Shalom.....Darci