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Spinning in circles... | Aug 17th 2018

You know that circle you see spinning when you are trying to search the web.....well that sums up this "in transition" work environment!!! I know that I am going upward but some days the stairs ahead seems to be tall and steep!!! Is it in the trailer? Iit upstairs in the house? What box is it in cuz it isn't in the logical spot? What was I looking for again? Oh look at that - forgot I had started that - wonder how I was going to do that? Hmm... now I am frustrated and I am not sure what I should do!! That describes my day today so I decided to update the once again very out of date blog!! I have been creating with baby steps and the building site is ready now for the dirt work so I am going to share some pictures of what was in our yard as well as some new creations that I seemed to have completed!!

Below is "was" our chicken coop. Thank goodness it never was home to chickens since we have lived here as I don't mind eating chicken or eggs but that is as close as I care to get!! Those of you who know me well know that the barn is my favorite farm building!! That is still standing tall on our yard and God willing - will remain a part of our yard!!

My husband and son have spent many hours salvaging wood, tin, and windows from that building for future endeavors and a couple of walls for my our new studio. You just can't buy new wood that has the character of the old!! I am lucky that we all feel the same way and share that common thought that character comes with age and has to be embraced.

It was ironic as we stood inside the empty building, the guys told me that my new building will be exactly the same size as the chicken coop was - helped me to visualize the space that will soon be home. Square footage means nothing to me - I need to "see" it to visualize how it will actually look. This helped a little bit!!

TIMBER.............. and its down. More beams to salvage and a few surprises up in the rafters - this was built to handle angry chickens or high winds!!

And what was once there is no longer - Abbey thinks this is okay cuz the dog kennel was on the end of the building and she prefers to "kennel" in the house with me!!

After tree trimming we are now ready for the contractors. Next week should bring the dirt work and then the cement.

Baby steps.....upward!!

As for the creating - we are trying to get ready for the Quilt Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. We always enjoy our trip to WI for wine & cheese and oh yeah the quilt show!! If you have not attended, this is something to put on your bucket list if you like quilting!! When I blogged the last time I left you with a quilt. When creating an applique quilt especially, I always think it would be fun for our customers to see "before" and "after" pictures. "Little Joe" was fused in place but didn't have his character added at that time. He is now complete and had his cover photo shot on the wall of the old chicken coop before they tore it down. After the photo shoot, the guys decided they would tear the wood off and build me a new wall with that wood as it works amazing for taking quilt pictures on ;).

My latest wool designs are made of hexagons and will be available for the Quilt Show in September.

Irene's Flower Garden was named after my Grandma Irene who always had beautiful flower gardens. It is a hobby passed on to my Mother as well as aunts and cousins but not so much to me!! I don't enjoy the weeding and heat so I created my flower garden from wool, in the air conditioned house, on a comfortable chair!!

This new fall project hasn't found a name yet, but it is one of my favorites!! I LOVE fall and winter designing and will share the snowman project next blog post. This will also be available on the website as well as the quilt show in Wisconsin.

So once again, there is a circle. This is one of my favorite sights as a farm girl. By the end of today, these circles will be gone out in the field across the way - but I have enjoyed looking at them for the past 2 days. Circles are indeed good - they remind us that we are encircled by God, love, and beauty each day if we just look past the "spinning" that we seen when the circle appears before us on the computer screen forcing us to practice patience and pause for a minute in this hectic life we live. ~Shalom~ Darci