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Just Chillin...Part 1 | Sep 12th 2018

Truly it is the simple things in life that bring the most happiness to a person!! Life is so busy that we often overlook the little things that can make us laugh out loud or bring a smile to our face. As I was coming back from my walk our cat "Gus" named before we knew she was a girl I might add was sitting under my Jeep just chilling. We should take lessons from our animals as they do an awful lot of chillin!!

"Wheelie" one of our felines who was named after a car wheel because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time one morning when I left for work is also quite photogenic!! Not sure what she is expressing but Lacey and I sure got a good laugh from the photo!!

I am enjoying the falling leaves outside my window while I work here at home and the ever changing countryside with the fall colors starting to show their beauty.

I am also enjoying the sight out the north east of the house because this is what it is looking like:

First it was this:

and now it looks like this!!!

So much has changed in a couple weeks time. It is a little easier to visualize now but most importantly we are going forward and the building should be up before the snow flies unless it comes before Halloween!!! Whoo Hoo as there is no heat in my trailer - we would be experiencing chillin in the form that speaks of temperature and not relaxation!!

So with that being said - I have been working on winter projects - here is a peak at what graced our quilt booth walls during the Quilt Expo in the "winter" area......

Diamond Charm from the Holly Taylor collection - Lacey decided to make a smaller version using a candy pack from our original larger runner pictured on the left. I liked it so well that I did a large runner and a small runner from the scraps of my charm pack so with the kit you will get both of these projects. Her mini runner is using a brighter line and with some embroidery added and looks like this.

"Love Came Down" is my newest nativity project. This is a quick project to sew together using a candy pack. Wool applique and a little embroidery round out the project.

Rounding out our "chillin" post is a project whose occupants really do "chill". I enjoyed creating it and my hands didn't even get cold!! Shalom~Darci