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Just Chillin...Part 2 | Sep 12th 2018

Just Chillin Part 1 was actually written before Labor Day hmmm.....where did those days go? I couldn't finish the post that night so put it on hold. Lacey said just publish it as Part 1 and add Part 2 - brilliant idea - i wouldn't have thought of that!! We really haven't been chillin and we didn't do any chillin on Labor Day weekend either. We successfully packed up with new cabinets I might add and headed east to our neighboring state of Wisconsin. We only stopped once for cheese curds on the way home and the one stop for wine on the way out there was quite successful I might add!!

We enjoy Wisconsin wine and always stock up when we are there!! So with several bottles of wine, Green Bay Tostitos for a couple of our Packer friends, and Myrtle (our handy dandy Astro Van) we traveled the interstate to Madison to set up our Pastthyme Pattern booth in the rain. Our new cabinetry worked amazing!! The guys put together cabinets on wheels so we just lift them out of the van and wheel them in. We are very excited for the ease of booth setup going forward. It is important to always be open to change and enjoy the adventures along the way!

So as Lacey, Myrtle and I traveled down the road to the quilt show we discussed our morning commutes from home to Olivia or Clara City and how we would much rather drive behind farm equipment slowly than the interstate traffic zooming by and not knowing whether we were in the "right" lane or not!! Being a country girl, I can get some anxiety driving in multiple lanes of traffic so to avoid this sight we opted to find an alternate route which had just as much traffic but less lanes to contend with and I enjoyed the beauty of the Madison WI capitol each morning we traveled it. Downtown Madison is MUCH easier to navigate than Mpls/St Paul!! I have an AMAZING navigator that travels with me and neither of us usually get too excited if we end up someplace other than where we were trying to go. Sometimes there is something beautiful on the end of that wrong turn!!

We have enjoyed the grounds of the capitol when we have been downtown and there are amazing places to eat near the capitol. Our travels always include a new place or two to eat - something that the area is known for. Our first night of "new" eating experiences was a restaurant called Graze. I had researched it before choosing and it was a place that served local goods so we walked in and it seemed like "us" however after being seated and looking at the menu listing hamburgers at $21 a burger we decided that the beef raised for that restaurant must be something extra special that we didn't need to experience and left. We walked down the street to the had amazing garlic french fries, cheese curds, and $8 burgers - much more our style!!! It was a perfect evening for a walk near the capitol which rounded out our downtown excursion for 2018. It is always surprising to us that we connect with people we have met along the way at quilt shows that are that distance from home. But we were lucky to have friends stop by while we were there to give a hug, warm smiles and share "life" with us while we vended. Two of those friends travel with us on our bus trips. They have shop hopped their way out to the Expo the past two years and pick us up at the front door and we spend the evening with them. They, too, like to try new eating experiences while they are out and about so we ate at the Badger Tavern which is a good old fashioned tavern with a seasoned grill, a waiting line for eating-always a good sign, and a Friday night fish fry. We shared good food and laughter and have already chosen the Squirrel's Nest for our 2019 outing.  

After another successful quilt show, we packed up headed north and gave a woo hoo when we reached the MN border once again knowing that there were a couple of canines waiting for our early morning return. The favorites of the Expo for our customers were Winter Village and Uff Da We're Home which was what we said when we pulled up in our yard early Sunday morning!!! There is no place like home and while we enjoy Wisconsin, we are always glad to be back in the land of 10,000 lakes, tractors, and beet trucks!!