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Shades of the Past Quilt Shop


It Takes a Village | Sep 28th 2018

As the days have passed by since my great niece's leukemia diagnosis, I have witnessed, thru the area communites and social media, the truth of this phrase. I can't imagine what her parents are feeling. Dealing with the diagnosis alone would be extremely difficult and the overflowing gratitude of support in the Dawson and the surrounding communities has to overwhelming in so many ways. Thank you for any prayer or act of kindness you have expressed during this trial in our family's life.

I have spent the past 8 days of weekday work time at my job with numbers so I have no new shop project to share with you today. I have spent my "free" sewing time working on this project that I purchased on our bus trip to the Missouri Star in 2017. I have to admit that I wasn't sure what attracted me to it as I was cutting and sewing, but now that the applique is on, I remember!!! Very different sewing someone else's pattern - can't remember the last time I followed directions. I even dug out the Featherweight which I enjoyed!! I have a feeling tho it is going back to the darkness as the Bernina is waiting for its turn once again for shop work.

And the picture doesn't want to cooperate and turn so you get the side angle!!! It has been fun but I feel guilty sewing on something to adorn my wall so it is going by the way along with the Featherweight for another day!!

Shop work is progressing very SLOWLY!! Once again my "Patience" virtue is being tested. Funny tho, the older I get, the easier it is to practice that!! I think I have reached a point in my life to know there really isn't too many things we should get so worked up about. It always works out in God's time, so it is best to just chill!! (if I step outside I will have some help with that!!)

We are excited to share we have put on the finishing planning the route of our 2019 Wisconsin Bus Trip. We will travel as far east as Appleton Wisconsin. The finishing touches of the trip are awaiting response from a couple of our stops but can share that our final stop on the way home is the Riverbend Winery (photo to the left) in Chippewa Falls. We are still communicating with the quilt shops at this point so hope to share the final details with you in a couple of weeks.

With a chill in the air, it is time to turn the outside yard and garden work to a close and open up our fabric stashes and begin the cozy fabric segment of our fall and winter seasons. You can pick up some new projects at the Quilters Fall Market in Kimball on October 13th. The little wool project shown above is a free download on the website so if you like to work with wool - this is a quick project to stitch up for you or a friend!! We are very excited for this new event and hope to see you all there!!