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Kindness | Oct 4th 2018

Today was a girls day out!! Our destination for the day was "Woolstock" in Spring Lake Park. As we so often do, we have our day planned out and don't give a thought to the fact it may not go quite as planned. First stop was the General Store for some early Christmas shopping (not nearly as crowded with shoppers this time of the year) and a fun lunch with homemade popovers. Mission successful - the early Christmas shopping was really just a bonus as we hadn't planned on finding those things!! Out to the car we go only to have absolutely NOTHING when the key was inserted into the ignition!! Being married to a mechanic and he knowing I am not a mechanical person whatsoever - I do not carry jumper cables, booster packs or tools. I have bags for shopping, rugs, and Coke in my "trunk". I will never be thirsty and my bags could act as insulation if it is really cold!! I can use jumper cables, and probably after today will start to carry them, but for this adventure it is just Coke and bags - and Oh Yeah - a couple of rugs to put under my tires if I need traction!! So we decide there are some men in the restaurant eating so we might be in luck for the jumper cables. Lacey hit the jackpot as the first man out she ran after and yes indeed he had jumper cables. He brought his vehicle over, hooked up the cables, and yes we were in business. He only asked that we enjoy our day out as payment for his act of kindness. A decision had to be made whether this was the end of our girls day our or we take a leap of faith and continue on to Woolstock which was about 30 minutes away. Faith over Fear - we headed to WoolStock. With some GPS "you have arrived at your destination" - No this is a floor covering place not Buttermilk Basin - try again we found it and enjoyed the "WoolStock" event in Spring Lake Park and/or Blaine. Back inthe Jeep which we left run the entire time and off to try out "First Kiss" apples at the U of M Apple Orchard. As we were traveling the freeway, the lights flashed, (this was one of the signs we were told might indicate an alternator problem) but they quickly went out so we keep driving. The next time it did it I informed my co-pilot we maybe should worry a bit!! We made it with white knuckles to the edge of the cities with no lights once the heater motor was turned off. The orchard wasn't too far off our path so we decided to get our apples. Once again - left the Jeep run - only to find a sign on the door they were "SOLD OUT" of First Kiss apples. We had decided we needed to skip the antique store stop and be happy with our previous stops and pray we make it home. Well wouldn't you know - we are at the Hwy 7/Rolling Acres intersection on Rolling Acres road with cars lined up for a good mile ahead and behind. I had the blinker on and jokingly said "I better shut that off to conserve energy" and when I shut the blinkers off - the Jeep died. HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM NOW!! We just so happened to have a pickup with a trailer with a cement mixer on it so I ran up to him, scared him, (I did wear my witch hat today) and asked if he could please help push our vehicle off the road. He was more than happy to assist us. The man who was sitting behind us had a hard time rolling his window down (must have been the witch hat) as we wanted his four was flashers on to alert people we were having a problem. He did do it and with remarkable ease, the Jeep pushed off the side of the road. As we were getting back in to call for help, the lights came on - the man who helped us said to keep going - we had a couple hours before dark so wished us luck. We made it thru the stoplight and prayed we wouldn't have to sit anywhere in traffic. We did take a detour in St Bonifacious as the light was red LOTS of cars so we drove thru Holiday Gas station, up the hill, a u turn in a church parking lot, a roll thru a stop sign and when we came down the hill had a green light so we were in business. NO STOPPING!! We are convinced the kind man who helped us out wondered what we were doing as he knew we were headed to Prinsburg. We did catch up to him a few miles up the road. We stayed with him until Hutchinson - it was a feeling of security knowing he was within sight for some silly reason!! In this crazy world we live in with enormous amounts of energy, money and time wasted on trying to tear people down, there are still a lot of good people willing to help someone in need. Both of these men were blessings for us today, both sharing a smile as they assisted and asking nothing in return. We did arrive on our yard without another incident just as the rain was starting to fall. Thanks God for the timing of that as we didn't think we dared to use the windshield wipers!! Lacey purchased a "Blessing" jar for a Christmas exchange gift. I can assure you that will be the present I will be "stealing" when we play the exchange game. I have two blessings already that belong in the jar. The theory behind this is that after a years time or just a day you are feeling blue, you open the jar and read the papers with the blessings written on them. What a cool concept!!

I have had a few days to create before our outings next week. This is a quick to stitch project that is finished by adhering it to a board. I have a couple more I will share with you in the next blog post. Kits and patterns will be available at the Fall Quilters Market next Saturday, October 13, in Kimball at the ballroom. We have some new candy quilts and wool projects to share with you then. We are going to Sioux Falls next Thursday to do a trunk show in regards to Candy Packs. We are very excited to present this as it is our favorite precut to work with. We will share our new creations with you in a future post. Well I have binding awaiting me so off to find a needle and a hockey game. We are excited that the MN Wild will be kicking off another hockey season tonight. I will also be posting building pictures in the near future as we have been progressing along the past week quite nicely. I am eager for our new space but am content with the space we have for now. Remember - random acts of kindness come in many forms. It is always easier to be on the giving end of them but I have to admit that today it felt good and was humbling to be on the receiving end of them as well!! Shalom~Darci