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Shades of the Past Quilt Shop


Answered Prayer | Oct 19th 2018

I am beyond happy to share with you my 3 year old niece received the news today that she is in remission. As with any cancer situation, it has been a road that my nephew and his family never imagined they would travel. The outpouring of love and support for them as been truly amazing!! I can only imagine the fear they felt as they waited for the test results today and I can't begin to imagine the relief they felt when the news was given them. Thank you to all of you who prayed for them and thank you God for surrounding them with your love, strength, mercy and grace. Please continue to pray for them as they continue the leukemia journey with Olivia!!

Lacey and I have wrapped up our 2018 Quilt calendar on Saturday in Kimball. Penny from Gone to Pieces Quilt Shop in Kimball came up with a homerun idea in having a shop hop under one roof. We were grateful to be included in the event and are already thinking ahead to our spring event which will be held in MacGregor with the fall event returning to the Kimball area October of 2019. Thanks for all of you who attended and made it a success and for those of you who missed it - you will want to mark your calendars when the dates are available for 2019!!

Before we wrapped up our Saturday market event, we took a road trip to our friends in the Sioux Falls area. We had an uneventful (thank you God!!) drive down and enjoyed the colors along the way. We even passed up the jerky stop in Ruthton this trip?? Waistline is saying I should have wore spandex and we would have stopped!! We had been invited out for a homemade meal at a friends house but had turned down the invite due to "our other jobs demands not knowing when we would really get on the road".

We arrived with enough time to get something to eat before we presented. We always like to try something new so Round Robin Gourmet Burgers was our choice for the evening. I LOVE to eat!! Often that is one of my highlights of travel so it BETTER be good or I suffer major disappointment. Well I was disappointed. Growing up on the farm and knowing what "real" beef is - I will never be content with the man made filler products that burgers offer. The deep fried pickles were good and I am glad that I wasn't famished cuz.....well you know the rest of that story!! It may have been my fault as I opted to just have meat/bacon/cheese and said "NO" to the 2 sauces they wanted to smear on.That might have supplied the "liquid and flavor" needed to complete the paper thin patties!! We disagree with the slogan "Mmmm" and might change it to "Hmmm??" Oh well - I haven't blown away and yes I had to drive by the jerky again on the way home thinking how good that would have been!! We presented a program/trunk show on our favorite precut - Candy Packs. As Lacey packed up our samples and counted up the patterns, we were amazed to find that we have designed 77 patterns using those 2 1/2 inch squares and brought along 140 samples to share with the ladies in the guild. I hope we have left a little of the "candy" craze with those girls and enjoyed our time with them.

Friday morning presented itself with coolness and the job of loading Myrtle up. Thank goodness for that old van as you don't have to be too fussy how things go in.

I went down to the barn to get the "props" out and was greeted with the odor of those lovely black and white cats better known as a skunk!! Decided as long as I didn't see anything I was good - odor lingers so that didn't mean it was close anymore. I left the wood props out on the lawn and proceeded to get the rest of the "stuff" gathered up. Running behind schedule (first time that has EVER happened) I put the wood prop stuff in Myrtle, plugged in "Generations Ballroom" in the GPS, buckled my seat belt and listed to the voice tell me where to go. I don't know how many of you use this GPS off your phones but I swear by it. After Friday, I swore at it!! It told me to turn right at Hwy 7. Check - right turn. Use the 2nd exit at the round about. Check. Continue east for bla bla miles. Check. Turn left. Check. Turn right. Hmm?? but I did. I came to Hwy 15 so I was sure this was a beautiful short cut I experienced. I drove on Hwy 15 for a few miles and got "Turn Right". Check. I ended up coming into Darwin. Yup starting to wonder about this now, but I have not been led astray before and I don't know where this ballroom is so I continue following her directions to a body shop in Buffalo???? Now mind you we have from 3 pm to 5 pm to set up. I am SLOW at this and need ALL the time I can have. It is now 3:50 pm, I am in Buffalo, have no clue where I should be and no one answers there phone. Some days you just have to pull over and cry. Crying can be a good release but I can't release too long cuz the clock is also ticking!!!! With a battery nearing its end on the phone I manage to get a new address off the internet and arrive in Kimball at 4:20 with enough time to unload Myrtle who brought the skunk smell with us as well. I can laugh about it now, but it sure wasn't funny at 3:50 pm on Friday, October 12th. Moral of the story - do question GPS if your gut tells you something isn't seeming quite right with this route you are on. Also learned it is much nicer to travel with someone cuz they can navigate while you drive around lost. It is pretty hard to be typing destinations into the phone and driving at the same time - in fact I have heard it is against the law??!!

No I never seen flashing lights behind me - I was followed a couple of times but I only tried to enjoy God's nature coloring book. We enjoyed the little bit of visiting we got in with customers and were elated to see SO many familiar faces come through our booth. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts for making our business succeed and continuing on with us thru our business changes!!

As for our building, well the concrete has "rested" or "cured" for 2 wks - longer than a lot of us when we have a major surgery?? The equipment and lumber are sitting outside my window this afternoon. We are hoping to share pictures next week of our new "walls" - right now you can only see the toilet pipe sticking up out of the cement on our side so I decided to keep that vision to myself and share "walls" with you next week!!! We hope you tie your hat down under your chin this weekend and that the wind is blowing your leaves on to your neighbors so you can stay inside your sewing room and create!!! That is what we have on tap for our weekend I think!!! Shalom~Darci