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Shades of the Past Quilt Shop


Be the Change | Nov 4th 2018

When I opened up the calendar book to see what November had in store for wisdom this is what I read. It couldn't be more perfect for the upcoming week and the election. Sometimes we don't think we matter but the fact of the matter is each and every one of us does matter. Now if only we could do something to change this silly day light savings time business. I guess whoever came up with that idea thought the "change" would be beneficial so maybe they were just following Ghandi's advice.

Change comes in many forms but it is a certainty in life!! It is hard to believe that almost one year has passed since we closed the quilt shop in Clara City and started this website. Thanks to those of you who support it as it continues to pick up business and we are grateful for that. We still enjoy our connection to you tho at the quilt shows where we can have a hug and share some face to face communication!! My folks were over to see the building progress today and Dad and I discussed how farming has changed with the technology advancements. We agreed that it is hard to wrap our heads around how the world has changed with the computer technology and we don't think we would want to go back. I guess it is kind of like the outdoor toilet and I don't know too many who would like to go back to that way of life especially with winter fast approaching!!!

I didn't get a picture taken today in the daylight of the building progress. It is progressing MUCH slower than I anticipated but I guess it is progressing so unless I learn how to run saws and hammers I best be happy with the minor changes that occur each day. I don't think the construction crew has the same drive as we quilters do when we are constructing a quilt!!

As I reflect on the past week there has been a lot of change. I lost my aunt who always had a sparkle in her eye and a warm smile to share as well as a dear quilting friend whose spunk and spark touched our lives in such a positive way. I played for a funeral this week at Immanuel in Clara City - this service had a special warmth to it for some reason. It had a feeling of peace and happiness - there were two children's books read - The Next Place and The Invisible String. I highly recommend both of them. The Invisible String was very fitting as Lucille was a quilter. I am sure she was smiling as the story was read!! It was a neat concept to have a children's book read - they have a simplicity about them but there is a lot of thought in the words.

We added a new canine to our family as well. Lacey and Millie met last Sunday night in the Fleet Farm parking lot - it was an instant connection and we are happy to have her spreading the unconditional love that only a dog can give.

Well my wool is calling me from the other room so I guess it is time to change its looks and hopefully share it with you this upcoming week along with the some pictures of Millie, our building progress, and our handiworks. Shalom~Darci