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Getting Closer... | Dec 30th 2018

Well it has been a month since my last blog post and I apologize for that. The days just go by way too fast and I am getting older so the days just go that much faster. It certainly isn't that I am getting slower!! The construction crew packed up their trailer and left the yard. We are waiting now for the plumber and electrician. We are so excited for this new space to be ready and be home to our new creations. I go down and stand in the inside every couple of days and know the walls will be full of inspiration just as walls in Clara City that we called home for 15 years were. Change can be so good if you are open to where it leads. Being back on the farm feels SO good and I already love to look out the windows at the woods and yard - even if it is black dirt!! I will be able to watch the sun set in the evenings and there is nothing better than watching that orange ball set on another day God has given me!! We are thinking now about the wall colors, the stain color for the concrete and whether or not to hang curtains!! This is the view from inside showing a little over half of the work area. Hard to believe that the ceiling is white but once we get our walls done - we won't even notice that!! I originally wanted a dark ceiling, but after working in our house light, I realize that with the age thing kicking in more and more - I need GOOD light and the guys assured me that it would be much lighter and brighter with my off white ceiling!!

It seems that the creating has kind of hit a stand still for both of us. Holidays, long work hours, and the need for rest seem to be overpowering the creativity. I have cut out some wool to stitch on these cold winter nights so am hoping that will inspire the cotton creating once again!! At least we have no deadlines looming for a couple of months.  

Well I have a pile of wool calling my name on my island so am going to give in and try to start a new project for Valentines Day. We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and find some peace and rest as we wrap up 2018 and move on to a new year filled with a new year chapter in life!

Shalom - Darci