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Ripples | Feb 10th 2019

Ripples...... The ripple effect can be very relaxing when standing near a body of water throwing a stone in to see the design it makes. Ripples come in various forms. I haven't blogged for awhile as the new year brought excitement for the next chapter but the ripple effect of the plumber and electrician have not sustained the excitement and put a muddy effect on my creativity. It is hard to even feel inspired to blog as it seems to have put me in a funk!!

I certainly know that my surroundings play a huge role in creating. Our new shop is still in the same state it was in November. I would have never believed that we wouldn't be moved in by the end of 2018. Here it is almost the middle of February and our shop still has no electricity or plumbing. I could live without the plumbing, but the electricity is an important feature as I don't have an operable treadle machine!! Once again it drives home the reality of our world today where people just really don't care. Even my husband's patience has wore thin. He is a do it yourself person and he can't put our shop environment together without the electrician doing his job. Patience is a virtue but...........

We did have a pattern published in January in Primitive Quilts & More.

We will also have a quilt coming out in the summer issue so also excited about that!! Lacey is working on a new contemporary style hexagon project while Millie is harassing Daisey. I have to say tho she has her priorities right that when Millie is ready to snuggle in for the evening, she picks her up and they are sleeping in short order. We all know time goes so fast and the day is approaching where Millie will be too big for Lacey's lap!! I have dug out the wool boxes and started to stitch the cold nights away. It helps to keep the creative spark firing!! I have ordered in a bunch of new wools to work with that are textured so a new look will be in store in the near future. We will reveal our new series shortly.

Ripples....there are many things that happen in life that have a ripple effect. Being positive can have a ripple effect as well so with that being said, I am trying to stay positive, practice patience, and keep digging, cutting, and stitching in the wool box because things could be a whole lot worse!!