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Shades of the Past Quilt Shop


Let what you do each day be enough.......

This advice was given to me by a very wise lady whom I have had the privilege of calling my friend.  She is far more than a friend to me.  It is funny how when someone walks into your life you never know how deep their footprints are going to be.  She came into the quilt shop to browse one day with her good friend, Jan.  Little did I know it was the start of a deep friendship.   The footprints she has left on my life are quite deep and you would definitely trip when you came upon them!! 

I would stop to see her almost every night following my work day.  She did (still does) our bindings, embroidery, and would watch the store when I needed to be gone.   When talking about my day and telling her what I didn't get accomplished for the day, she would smile and say "but look at what you did get done today".  Some days it was quite irritating as I wanted her to side with me on what I didn't accomplish, not tell me that I had done enough for the day and I should be grateful for that.  I can tell you that when you look at the day through this glass - you find peace at the end of the day rather than the anxiety of the day NOT being enough.  After all, what is enough??

So I have no guilt in this blog post happening 4 months from the past blog post.  Each day from then until now has had "enough" in it!  I have settled up in the southwest corner of my new shop and am in love with the scenery!!  It is very tranquil in my farmyard.  The walls and floor are not done yet but this is my new home and I am making the best of it until it is completed.  IT FEELS SO GOOD!!  I have switched my website host to a company that works with quilt shops so as you are reading this blog post the brand new sight is visible and I am excited about this partnership with Like Sew.  We hope that in this transition you find the new website easier to manage and navigate around in.

If you have issues with our website, please let us know via email as this is the only way we can fix snaffoo's!!  We have fabric on the website now and more will be added in the future.  We hope to have some new offerings for you that include a free hexie sew-a-long as well as a wool sew-a-long.  Stay tuned as now that I am home, feel settled, the creativity bug has bit both Lacey and I and we are busy sewing up new designs and projects that you will be seeing at a quilt show this fall.