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Friday the 13th............

This morning as I was putting borders on our new "Lollies" quilt, I heard my favorite radio announcer, Bob, say it was Friday the 13th.  I have never been one to worry about Friday the 13th, but know that many do.  Isn't it strange how we hear that on the radio/news/etc. and the seed of fear or doubt is planted!!  It looks to me like it originated back in 1907 so it certainly has been around for a long time!!  While I was sewing on this quilt............i smiled to think it was being finished in regards 
construction and it was a halloween themed quilt with the oranges, golds, 

greens, & purples.  Very appropriate!!  This is a pretty WILD quilt for this old lady to be sewing! but i LOVE all the design elements that it brings to the table!!  Will share a GOOD picture without shadows once it is completed.

Todays lunch date with a friend brought a quick "catch up" with a neighbor and a chance meeting with a sweet lady that is very talented that took beginning quilting from me probably 18 years or so ago.  One never knows when you are the "teacher" what will become of your students - whether or not you impact their life in any way.  She was excited to tell me that she has a custom quilting business now.  It was so much fun to hear that those lessons brought her to a past time that brings joy to her as well as those she sews for!!

I'm off to spend the night sitting with two of my favorite people as well as a group of friends that share the common interest of dirt track racing......

Shalom my friends~ Thelma