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Shades of the Past Quilt Shop



So here goes our first tidbit about "Shades of the Past" Quilt Shop which opened its doors in December of 2002. One of the first things we do when there is a new "birth" is give it a name. This can be a difficult task because it is the name that will most likely be with the "new birth" its entire duration. When we opened our shop we did not know exactly what direction it would go in regards to antiques, quilt shop, or craft/consignment shop. After all when this venture originated it was "Darci's Dolls" and Thelma sold cloth dolls at craft shows and consignment shops for several years. As a family we discussed possible names for the new business. Some of the ideas had to do with "hollyhocks" as I love seeing them growing along buildings or "cottonwood" as it is probably my favorite tree God created. My Dad was working construction the summer/fall that we were getting things ready, he came up with "Shades of the Past". It had the "shade" in the name for the large cottonwoods that were along our building, and it had "past" in it for my love of the "old". It was perfect as it allowed our business to evolve into whatever it would be.