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Shades of the Past Quilt Shop


Oh what a morning..........

Oh what a morning Sunday, April 17th, must have been for my longtime friend, Anna Marie Seeman!!  She was 94 years old.  Anna Marie bound countless quilts for the quilt shop.  I still remember the day she walked into the quilt shop nearly 20 years ago.  She came in with her friend, Jan, to check it out.  We conversed about this and that and in true Anna Marie fashion she shared what she did.  A nurse by trade, she was far more than that!  She shared that she crocheted name doilies.  She made 100's of name doiles.  All written down in a little notebook!!  She loved needlework of all kinds.   I can't piece together just exactly how our friendship grew (i guess it was the love of "thread")  but a bond developed and we became family rather than just friends.  If you visited the quilt shop, many of you will remember her.  Always helpful and quite the sales women - unlike me, she would be sure to find something that you needed to have!!  

As I have aged, I know without certainty that life is full of change!!  After we closed the quilt shop, we didn't keep her fingers as busy binding, but it didn't stop our connection.  I still spent many many lunches at her table while I worked at the tax office.  Over the past few months, her memory deteriorated.  It was hard to watch someone you love lose "what they knew like the back of their hand".  We still laughed together and enjoyed each other's company.  When it was time for her to go the nursing home just a short few weeks ago, she got a room just like she wanted with a big window overlooking the road.  She spent countless hours in that facility taking care of others during her nursing career and in true Anna Marie Seeman fashiong:  she guessed it wouldn't "be so bad".  The last day I stopped to see her before her decline, she took my hand to show me where she sat out in the lobby.  She looked so pretty that day and was so excited that she had communion right before I got there.  Just a little over a week later she was placed on hospice.  I went to say my final "good bye my friend" on Good Friday night.  We thought that might be the day as her husband had passed away on Good Friday.  God wasn't ready on Good Friday, but Easter Sunday morning I received the call that she went to her eternal home on Easter Sunday morning.  She was a women of deep faith and I cannot imagine what a Easter Sunday morning she experienced!!  

Rest in peace my dear friend..........our lives were enriched because of you!

This was something she would tell me after a busy day when I didn't feel my day was as productive as it should have been......  Ironically it is the last pattern in my very first book...........