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Shades of the Past Quilt Shop



Blessings come in many ways, shapes, and forms.  With fall approaching we have started our 2019 quilt show schedule.  We made our trip to Madison Wisconsin to kick off the fall schedule.   We laughed how the first time we ventured there we drove for 3 hrs and stayed overnight to finish the last leg of the drive the morning of set up.  This year we had a few things to finish up before we left the day of set up and with a 6 hr drive ahead of us we ended up departing from home at 11:30.  Wow - times change!!  We have changed our set up and with traveling now our only means of physical display, we think we are getting smarter each year.  Rolling carts allow us to pack up and be organized before the stuff ever is loaded up in Myrtle.  She made the trip just fine sporting new tires and a new windshield.  We laughed as the heater fan motor had an issue so we reminisced about the good old days when all we had for air movement was rolling down the crank window and riding with the wind blowing in our hair.  Blessing - it was cool out, we have crank windows which almost always work so all was well!  We arrived at the Denny Sanford Convention Center around 6 pm.  Blessing - we were one of the last 3 vendors they were waiting for so we drove right up to the door and unloaded in short order!!  Who says it pays to get there early??  For the first time ever, we set up our "walls" before we left the shop.  We folded up the "walls", said a prayer, and unfolded them onto the piping.   Blessing - it worked - we had just a few items to pin up in place.  Set up took 2 hrs.  Now off to the hotel which I thought was 6 miles up the road.  With the trusty google maps, we entered in our address and headed off in the wrong direction from where I thought we were going.  By this time of the day, I was tired and ready to put my feet up as was Lacey.  We kept driving (Myrtle doesn't have a compass so not sure what direction we were going) but when we ended up out in the country I was quite sure google was out to lunch!!   Lacey double checked the address and google was pretty insistent we were going to the right direction.......Oregon Wisconsin - have you been there?  That was our hotel location for our stay - 10 miles from the convention center.  Hmmmm...... why hadn't I been more careful when I booked???  It was a brand new hotel.  When we walked thru the door, the receptionist greeted me by name with a smile, a pizza menu to order in, and a very quiet comfortable room.  When we departed in the morning we drove thru the country just like we do on any other given MN morning and bypassed all the traffic trying to get into the show.  Yep - we will be staying there next year when we go back.  It was definitely a Blessing in disguise!!!  

When I travel one of my favorite things about the adventure is the food!!!  I usually spend the latter part of the day looking for the new spot we are going to check out for our evening meal.  Thursday night took us with our Paynesville friends to Quivey's Grove. They are farm girls too so they didn't mind eating in an old stable.  
Friday night we set out with Michelle and Jean to "The Thirsty Goat" for amazing brisket.   I don't think any of us were disappointed that the goat wasn't greeting the customers at the door!!
Take down went without a hitch and we were loaded up headed north to MN in 45 minutes.  Woo Hoo!!!  Our supper stop at Culvers on the way home brought us face to face with this......

It tickled our funny bone as we immediately took it as that was the builders "model" home and he would build it just like that!!  No one else may find humor in like we did but we did!!

We arrived home safe and sound around midnight - God is good!!  To be continued......