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Shades of the Past Quilt Shop

When we turn the calendar on a new year, we all make plans for what that upcoming year is going to bring.  We had six quilt shows planned for 2020 with our very own event in the works for a quilt show/sale for the fall.  With COVID 19 in the news, there was that flicker of "will it get here and will it affect us?" I honestly have to say that I didn't think it would have he effect it has turned out to have on us.  All quilt shows through the month of June are cancelled,  quilt market was cancelled, we are pretty sure our bus trip will be cancelled.  In times like this, we MUST look at the positives and not dwell on the negatives - and they certainly surround us!!  We still have each other, we are ALL in this pandemic together, and we can choose our attitude for each day.  We have had time to sew together in our new unfinished shop and while doing so came up with the idea of doing a "virtual" quilt show.  We tossed around ideas of a "virtual quilt show" but were led in a direction of "Adventures with Thelma & Louise".  These videos are meant to be fun, light hearted and take you into the boxes of quilts we have created over our 18 years of "Shades of the Past.  You can click on the "Adventures with Thelma & Louise" on the header and join along with our weekly adventure.  As this progresses, so do the ideas of how we can teach and stay connected to our customers.  We are all in this together and must stay connected to come out of this with a positive ending.    Below you will see our "Village Quilt" which will begin on Friday, May 15th.   In the meantime, stay positive, listen to "I AM" by Crowder for an upbeat message of certainty, limit the amount of news you are listening to, and keep working with your stash so when we can be out and about again you will be ready for a bunch of new projects!!


Candy Club #2
Join us as we take a look at "what should I do" with these fun little 2 1/2 inch squares.  The Club will provide a video each month with visual instruction for each club project.  Patterns will be available as a download in pdf format for you to open and sew immediately on the first Friday of each of the 6 months.  Cost for the club is $25.00 and will include six patterns.  Kits will be available for each of the projects at an additional cost but you are not required to purchase a kit. 
Click here to join in on the fun!!
The Village Quilt....."Alone, we can do so little; together, we an do so much"

Helen Keller knew about challenges, and how to overcome them.  With the uncertainty that is now part of our daily lives, we are coming together to draw strength from each other and find comfort in knowing that we are not alone.

Across the miles - and oceans - we are a community - a village.  We are intertwined and our well being is tied to each other.  So as a village, we are going to make a Village.

We hope you join along in our 3 week Village quilt construction project.  Click on "Sew A Longs" for the link to sign up.  Construction will begin Friday, May 15th.  

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