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Shades of the Past Quilt Shop

The calendar says "SEPTEMBER" - the countryside says it is beginning to think about coloring the scenery with those rich autumn colors, the tractors and combines are starting to sprinkle the fields with movement - that can only mean a few more weeks and we will be attending a couple of quilt shows.  We are looking forward to seeing you at either of the two shows we will be vending in Sioux Falls October 9th & 10th or Annandale on October 23rd.  The sewing machines are running and we are sharpening our needles in our Macaroon tool which has become a favorite of both the Pastthyme gals.  Enjoy the beauty that God is creating once again!!

  We also want to share that we just learned we have never seen an email that has been submitted through our website.  We apologize for the unanswered emails that were sent to us since our website launch in 2018!!  We believe the problem is now fixed!!  

Piece & Blessings to all!!
The Pastthyme gals

                                                       "Cotton Eyed Joe" 
I have decided "miniature" is my favorite thing to create whether it is with cotton or wool.  It is easier to find a "spot" for it in my home, it is quicker to complete, it just must be my "niche" as it always draws me back!!   So when I was out on a stroll through one of my favorite stores...."Hobby Lobby".... I found these cute little cutting boards.  I actually purchased them to display punch needle, but wool applique is SO much faster that I created this little miniature for the board instead.  I had been inspired by big beautiful sunflowers growing wild along the railroad tracks this week so here is our latest freebie.........."Cracklins".  ENJOY!!!

Click here for the downloadable link

Click here to purchase a kit (includes board)

What's New 

Our Wool Best Sellers

 "Cotswald Circle" Pattern includes either the star background (left) or the circle background (right) and six patterns for the inner circles that can be changed for the season or occasion.  Inner circles measure approximately 5 inches in diameter.




We are happy you are visiting us on our website and hope you find this shopping experience enjoyable! .  Sit back, grab a glass of wine, relax and browse!!